The Egret's Domain

Indoor & outdoor activities

Our turquoise pool only competes with the Garden of the Travelling Egret, which gathers plants and stories from
5 countries and 2 continents. Children will have the opportunity to learn (by exploring the garden and the Delta) and have tons of fun (in the kids' pool or the 2 playgrounds).

The Garden of the Travelling Egret


Our potpourri garden is the crown's jewel. It brings together local plants and foreign species, from 5 countries and 2 continents, along with their unique stories. The melancholic pines urge you to meditate, while the French roses bearing artists' names lead you to the secret easel. The bloody red rocks of Dobrudgea are a good match for the Japanese corner, where the maples and cherry trees share the chromatics. The House of Tea, by the Asian carps' pond, is perfect for reading or conversation, while the Tuscan pavillion is waiting for the actors, singers or dancers to make it shine.
Our garden is fascinating every season - take your time to discover it!

Delta's Heart Swimming Pool

Summer special

A total heartbreaker, the turquoise swimming pool is yet another oasis of comfort. With 60 sunbeds and a pool bar, it is the perfect place for lazy days. Swim, tan, cocktail, romance novel - here are the words for you to use in a single sentence.

Baby Egret

Fun learning

To the kids, New Hotel Egreta will look like a huge amusement park!
Apart from the children's pool, the domain has 2 playgrounds (inside and outside). But it's not only about the fun! Our Delta tours will teach them about the biosphere, while garden exploration
will entice them to read or paint.


Into the biosphere

There is just a canal between us and the Danube Delta biosphere. This is why it's our duty to offer you the best conditions to start exploring. We have 5 motor boats, 2 catamarans and 1 kayak available for rent. The motor boats can only be rent with a qualified boatman. Other facilities: gas pump; free docking and raft services for guests (limited availability).


New Hotel Egreta brings city attractions in the heart of nature - not just the comfort, but the fun! In all seasons, time flies just like the egret, as our domain offers the most diverse activities in the Delta.

  • Spa&wellness

    Luxury spa treatments in the Danube Delta? Let's see: interior heated pool, hamam, Finnish sauna, emotional showers, ice fountain, relaxing massages (single / for couples). We think that qualifies as a "yes, totally".

  • Minifootbal

    Open-air pitch, homologated dimensions, artificial turf.

  • Bowling&darts

    Our 2 bowling alleys and 2 darts games can qualify you for semi-pros.

  • Pool

    We have 4 tables waiting for their winners!

  • Fitness

    Stick to your workout routine! Try the new equipment in our fitness centre.